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Fugazzi is a new concept fragrance brand for all genders. As fashion and beauty sectors become ever more minimalist and homogenised, Fugazzi’s founder, Bram Niessink, saw a niche for a new breed of fragrance house: one with personality, one unafraid to take risks. 

Fugazzi is exclusively produced from up to 50% ultra-long lasting extrait de parfum, allowing the wearer a timeless fragrance experience. Uniquely, the fragrances contain two odourless plant-based ingredients that, when synergistically combined in a closely guarded blend, have positive effects on the wellbeing of the wearer, inducing significant reductions in feelings of nervousness and tension. 

The name, ‘Fugazzi,’ itself conjures mystery. A play on 70’s Italian-American parlance ‘fugazi’, meaning ‘fake’, the word was subsequently embraced by youth culture and silver screen mafioso. Extra meta, spelling the word with the double Z makes a fake word of a word meaning ‘fake’. In truth, ‘Fugazzi’ is designed to be purposefully abstract. The irony is, Fugazzi couldn’t be more real.


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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products